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Latest Projects

  • Friends Yad Sarah
    Friends of Yad Sarah, based in Manhattan, represents the mission of Yad Sarah to its friends in the U.S. and to the UN. The organization needed a website that projected an accurate image of Yad Sarah as a professional, caring organization, increased awareness of and support for Yad Sarah, and provided an online platform for raising funds and selling Yad Sarah gifts. We launched Friends of Yad Sarah's new site in April 2016. View Friends of Yad Sarah's New Site
  • Vidac
    Vidac Pharma is a clinical stage innovative biopharmaceutical company developing medicines to helppeople suffering from cancer. Vidac needed a website thatpresented the company as professional, innovative, dynamic, cutting-edge, trustworthy and global. We launched Vidac's website in April 2016. View Vidac's New Site
  • Airfuel
    Airfuel Alliance, based in San Diego, is a global consortium developing wireless charging standards. Airfuel asked us to build their site because they were happy with the site we built for their parent start-up in 2010 and the maintenance services we provided since then. They needed a "brand building"site that included a searchable catalog of their certified products and offered online registration to businesses worldwide. We launched Airfuel's website in January 2016. View Airfuel Alliance's New Site
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  • Melton
    The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, based in Chicago and Jerusalem, is the largest pluralistic adult Jewish education network in the world. Melton needed a website that marketed its educational courses and travel seminars and recruited new members to its alumni association. We will launch Melton's new site in April 2016. View Melton's New Site
  • Mevobeitar
    Mevo Beitar is a village in central Israel. Mevo Beitar needed a professional, responsive, bilingual website that residents could rely on for helpful information and staff could easily update. The site needed to be welcoming, friendly, and vibrant - reflective of Mevo Beitar’s character. We launched Mevo Beitar's website in February 2016. View Mevo Beitar's New Site
  • Sites Bagir
    Bagir is a multi-national group of companies involved in the design, development and manufacture of its own brand and private label collections of tailored fashion for men. Bagir needed an online store with inventory capability, including many children's items for each product. The dynamic site content needed to be easy for Bagir to update and inviting forshoppers to navigate. We launched Bagir's website in December 2015. View Bagir's New Site
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A Dream

AgAdele Goldberg, Executive Director - Friends of Yad Sarah, Inc.: “Working with Lisa and Giora is a dream. They were incredibly patient, helpful and responsive. Working with Litesites helped us to update a tired, text-heavy website into a visually engaging and well-organized information center. I am…


Amit Ben ZviAmit Ben-Zvi, Partner, FIMI Opportunity Funds: “It was a pleasure to work with LiteSites on FIMI's new website. Their ability to understand our unique goals and then create a fluent, comprehensive and clear website design and content to fit is exceptional. Their quick reaction on any feedback we…

Prompt, Reliable, Professional

AdAlon Dumanis, CEO, Docor International Management: "LiteSites created a website for Docor that met our vision and needs. Equally important, LiteSites continues to provide us with site maintenance service that is prompt, reliable and professional."

Surpassed Our Expectations

StraussSarit Rothberg, Marketing Manager, Strauss Group: “LiteSites created a newsletter system and template for Strauss’ internal use that surpassed our expectations. They created a template that is extremely cutting-edge technically and met our unique design and content needs and delivered it with…

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